The Inspiration

“This man, this friend,

this person she trusted.....”

The most empowering and inspirational delivery is one given from true experience. 

Cat Mackay speaks from the soul, her speeches powerful,

hard hitting and thought provoking.

Cat studied at the University of Wales. 

She is now married (happily) 3 grown up children, 8 grandchildren and two step daughters. She has had a long and successful career that includes senior roles both within the statutory and private sector including drug services, youth services, behaviour management, therapeutic counselling etc...

She is different so do not expect long realms of paper and PowerPoint, Cat likes to engage her audience. She is professional, honest, empathetic and emotional but above all, very emotive, she is without doubt inspirational.

The framework is powerful, It pulls no punches.

The aim: To provide a practical strong and factual educational model, with an emotional message.

There is no one sector that cannot benefit from such training. 


C-Change Theraputic services
Mid Wales

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