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Renewed Child Abuse Claimes

Money, Power yet it still comes back, we should maybe listen?

Micheal Jackson So many victims who are consistent in their story’s are still not believed, some continued to protect the man during his lifetime because as with many young victims they believed it was love, they feared for their families, they were too young to distinguish love and abuse and would protect as they had been manipulated to do.  Micheal was  a man in power using every element of that power to manipulate not just his victims but every adult too. Classic behaviour but he did it on a grand scale because he could! He deflected by creating a persona of caring, trusting and humbleness, he did this magnificently to hide others  from the truth in order to obtain the trust of those around him. He was a disturbed and broken man but that does not excuse the lives he devastated!! Jimmy Savile did exactly the same thing, charities, care homes, Jim will fix it etc.... priests, all godly, saintly, trusting... paedohiles are amazing at manipulation  It’s easy to dis believe than to believe he could be a perpetrator because he was such a mega talented world wide star - take all that away and look at the bigger picture.  Those trusting children will have to live with this forever!!

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