Cat Mackay

A Lasting Impact

Catherine Mackay, thats me


Childhood Neglect, Multiple Sexual Childhood Abuse 

Domestic Violence, Bullying in the Workplace and Cancer.

There are many things that I feel I want to share with you that hopefully will inspire you, that will give you strength and help you to feel you are not alone and that you can be strong too. 

I created this web site to open a gateway, to inspire but also to support. A seasoned professional delivering with impact I will take you through a journey that is not travelled alone, C-Change is a platform to be heard, to have a voice, to be listened to and to feel supported through what can be a very painful journey.

But it's also about education and awareness.  


Catherine Mackay is an expert in her field and delivers an insight into the life of someone who has had 1st hand experience of a variety of emotive issues.

Cat was subjected to childhood neglect, vulnerable and in need of attention she found herself being befriended by a man who later subjected her to years of abuse by a multitude of pedophiles, men and women. Those perpetrators have not been prosecuted, our laws currently are not in the favour of Historical abuse.

Cats life story is inspirational, she delivers with passion and displays strength that helps people to break through barriers and challenges, overcome doubts and take a large stride towards achieving a positive future. 


C-Change Theraputic services
Mid Wales

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